​​​Reports - System Simu​​lation

Comparative Study of Hydrogen Production Technologies for Nuclear Hybrid Studies 2021
Reimagining Future Energy Systems: Maximizing Energy Utilization via Integrated Nuclear-Renewable Energy Systems, 2020
An Improved Genetic Algorithm approach to the Unit Commitment/Economic Dispatch problem 2020
Development of Control System Functional Capabilities within the IES Plug-and-Play Simulation Environment2020
Integrated Energy Systems Gap Analysis2020
Coupling of CTF and TRANSFORM using the Functional Mockup Interface2020
Development of a Reference Governor-based Control Scheme for Integrated Energy Systems2019
Evaluation of Hydrogen Production Feasibility for a Light Water Reactor in the Midwest2019
Economic Assessment of Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems: Nuclear-Renewable-Water Integration in Arizona2019
Case Study: Integrate Nuclear Water Desalination--Regional Potable Water in Arizona 2019
Evaluation of Hydrogen Production Feasibility for a Light Water Reactor in the Midwest 2019
Assessment of Model-Based Schemes for Accelerating Optimization by RAVEN2018
Case Study: Nuclear-Renewable-Water Integration in Arizona2018
Characterization of Flexible-Operation Performance of N-R HES Components in Support of a Model-Based Pre-Conditioner2018
Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems South East Regional Case Progress Report2018
Dynamic performance analysis of a high-temperature steam electrolysis plant integrated within nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems2018
Report on the Economic Optimization of a Demonstration Case for a Static N-R HES Configuration using RAVEN2017
Status on the Development of a Modeling and Simulation Framework for the Economic Assessment of Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems (FY16)2017
Status Report on the High-Temperature Steam Electrolysis Plant Model Developed in the Modelica Framework (FY17)2017
Status Report on Modelling and Simulation Capabilities for Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems2017
Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems Initial Integrated Case Study Development and Analysis2017
Nuclear Hybrid Energy System Model Stability Testing2017
Software Development Infrastructure for the HYBRID Modeling and Simulation Project2016
Status on the Component Models Developed in the Modelica Framework: High-Temperature Steam Electrolysis Plant & Gas Turbine Power Plant2016
Nuclear Hybrid Energy System FY16 Modeling Efforts at ORNL2016
Dynamic performance analysis of two regional Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems 2016
Sustainability Development Platform for Nuclear-Renewable Energy Integration: Environmental Impacts, Economics, and Socio-Political Implications 2015