Journal Articles - System Simulation

Correlated synthetic time series generation for energy system simulations using Fourier and ARMA signal processing3/5/2020
Economic Analysis of a Nuclear Hybrid Energy System in a Stochastic Environment Including Wind Turbines in an Electricity Grid12/10/2019
Design and Operation of a Sensible Heat Peaking Unit for Small Modular Reactors4/17/2018
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Thermal Energy Storage Configurations for Small Modular Reactor Load Shedding8/30/2017
Profitability Evaluation of Load-following Nuclear Units with Physics-induced Operational Constraints ", Nuclear Technology7/17/2017
Fault Propagation And Effects Analysis For Designing An Online Monitoring System For The Secondary Loop Of A Nuclear Power Plant Part Of A Hybrid Energy System3/1/2017
Thermodynamic exergy analysis for small modular reactor in nuclear hybrid energy system4/27/2016
Operations Optimization of Nuclear Hybrid Energy Systems10/1/2015
Nuclear Renewable Energy Integration: An Economic Case Study10/1/2015